Silver Crescent, November 14, 2013
Silver Crescent, November 14, 2013

As the endurance team prepares for the weekend’s ride at Sandy Point, we’re awaiting a very special arrival from Silver Crescent.

She’s bagging up already and is due in early December. She is usually about on time to foal, but we’re fitting the alarm early “just in case”.

We didn’t want to jinx anything, so have kept this breeding under wraps. More will be revealed after the arrival of the baby, and we don’t really mind if it is a boy or a girl. (Cressie has had two daughters already – Aurora Clouded Moon, who is now five; and Aurora Southern Star, who is just turning three and will start some light ground work soon.)

Cressie’s new foal will also be a half sibling to the gorgeous young stallion pictured below, whom we saw at the British National Arabian Show at Malvern in late July.

We snapped several pictures of this lad, but they really don’t do him justice.

Needless to say we are expecting this foal to have the good looks of both parents!

All will be revealed … soon!


The wait is nearly over for Cressie’s new arrival!

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