Boys day out at latest endurance ride

Filed in Endurance news, News from Aurora on February 3, 2014
Kassanova and Robin at front, with Merlin and Lyn, head for the start line.

Kassanova and Robin at front, with Merlin and Lyn, head for the start line. Picture: Jo Elder

It was the boys turn to shine at the latest Mount Linton Endurance Club ride, at Wendon in Southland on Sunday.

Mertz and Kass did the 40km novice ride. It was Kass’s first time out and he went like a star.

Kassanova is the eldest son of Silver Omen, and was backed for the first time in October 2013.

Weather conditions for the ride were perfect. It was a chilly start for the 80km riders at 6am, and soon after a light fog – or low cloud – dropped into the ride base, but this was soon burnt off by the sun. The dark clouds that had looked ominous on Saturday scuttled off elsewhere. And while Sunday was warm all horses appeared happy in the conditions.

The ride’s terrain was varied, with roads and tracks at the beginning and end, and hill work up to 395m above sea level in the middle. The boys enjoyed the climb and crossing several creeks along the way.

Kass gave Robin a fantastic ride – very comfortable and a great ground-covering stride. She reports the he felt he could have gone out again on another loop – as for the rider? Maybe …


The boys on the morning of the ride,

The boys on the morning of the ride.



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  1. It was my first day on a ride for some time and I thoroughly enjoyed it.LM says:

    My first day on a horse at one of our rides as I have been doing ground duty for the last 2 rides. It was great to get out and see all the views,(this must be the beauty of riding a novice horse) there is no hurry.

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