Kool Kat and Adena in training.
Kool Kat and Adena in training.

Both Kool Kat (KK) and Mertz are doing great with their new owner, Adena Middleton, from Windwhistle. Adena reports that the boys are on track to do their first ride in January.

kool-kat2Like his older brother Kass, Kool Kat is proving a super-comfortable ride, and enjoying his work.

Adena says: “I’ve done lots of long slow rides on them and they are both pretty fit now doing 20km and hardly breaking a sweat. Kat is incredibly athletic and just such an amazing horse to ride. He moves like a rocking horse and has the most stunning canter.

“They are both doing great. I’m having so much fun with Kat. Super smart horse and such a nice ride. You feel a bit like you should be in the show ring on him he is so smooth and balanced. I’ve taken him pretty slow, but I think that is not a bad thing as he has grown quite a bit since he’s been here.”

Kool Kat always impressed visitors with both his movement and his looks when he was a youngster, so maybe we will also see him in the showring one day!

We’re really pleased to see Omen’s progeny starting to get out there. He is now 25 and as fertile as ever, and he deserves to be a popular sire while he is still with us.




Kool Kat on track for first endurance ride

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