Aurora Kassanova, October 2015
Aurora Kassanova, October 2015

18/8/2007 approx 15hh gelding, Silver Omen x Woodlau’s Koa

Kass is a beautiful bright bay gelding, 83.05% Crabbet.

His sire, Silver Omen (15.1hh), is pure Crabbet and his dam, Koa (14.2hh), is a mix of Polish-Crabbet breeding. Kass has matured to about 15hh.

Kass has Omen’s fantastic temperament, is correct in the legs and is a lovely mover with fabulous hock and knee action. He is a super comfortable ride, and loves to take the lead.

He is a full brother to Kool Kat.

Just before successfully completing his first 80km ride for us in November 2015, Kass was sold to young Canterbury rider Alice King, of Loburn.

Pedigree of Woodlau’s Koa:

Toccara’s Tradition Coolmunda Toccara Bremervale Destiny Oxford Decimus
Bremervale Zendi
Coolmunda Natasha Sparkling Vanity
Wanamara Gypsy Chip Chase Desert Wind Cherokee Mecca
Chip Chase Desert Joul
Arabian Lodge Farah Santarabia Witezar
Countess Josephine
Taralea Amreika The Ambassador Ambition Bask
Bint Ambara
Rissletta Indriss
Taralea Rasheika Ambition Bask
Bint Ambara
Gold Rasheiya Gold Rex

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