Robin and Raffeah at the finish of their ride.
Raffeah at the finish of her final ride of the 2014-15 season.

Pure Crabbet mare, 2007 (Silver Omen x Fenwick Regenta)

Raffeah shows the temperament and movement that we have come to expect from the Omen – Regenta cross, and she will make a valuable addition to our breeding band.

She is the eldest of the five siblings. She is unshown because of an injury as a young horse.

In May 2012 during a thunderstorm that was right above us, she went through three fences and a large pine hedge. I found her next morning so sore she was unable to walk. But after much TLC  she is up and running as good as new.

Raffeah completed several rides in the 2013-14 season and her first start in 2014 was in December over 80km. She qualified over this distance with Lyn. She is back in work this season and completed her first ride in October 2015.

Aurora Raffeah
Aurora Raffeah

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